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Staffordshire Fine Ceramics is a specialist manufacturer of both Earthenware and Fine Bone China products. We are an old and well established pottery company, based in the heart of the potteries in England.
The company has always been dedicated to the manufacture of useful and ornamental wares, operating under the personal supervision of the owners, who, by profession, are Master Potters.

Our product range

The company produces a large range of collectables, including Novelty and ornamental teapots, toby jugs, wall plaques, miniatures and giftware. Some items can only be obtained direct from the manufacturer and are not available for sale anywhere else. The factory, to this day, still works in the old traditional way, producing items of quality and uniqueness, that are "TYPICALLY ENGLISH". The products are hand-made, and hand-finished. All the products are produced in limited numbers, and each item represents it's own unique value. The very nature of the manufacture makes every item unique, and any variations to the products add intrinsic value. Contributions made by highly skilled and well-respected ceramic painters, well known for their artistic skill have allowed Staffordshire Fine Ceramics to produce some of the most sort-after teapots.

Mr. John Kay

Mr. John Kay

Well known for his animal and bird painting skills produced a lot of original patterns, using a large palette of colours. Mr. John Kay is pictured here painting a toby jug. The company has always reproduced these patterns faithfully, to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and collectors of teapots.

Mr. Howard Wedgwood

A descendant of the famous Wedgwood potters family, was well known for his figurine painting artistic skills. He was involved and contributed to the painting of over one hundred collector's teapots. These included subjects such as flowers, and the Covent Garden collection, of which the most sort-after is the "Balloon Seller". In the picture, Howard is seen painting the famous teapot called "Equaliser". Any pieces painted by the above Artists are very rare and the most collectible.

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